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KOBIKO's team of experts consists of professionals with an excellent knowledge and experience in advisory and training activities in the area of municipal, state and private sector.

Krzysztof Choromański
President of Biuro Konsultacyjne KOBIKO Sp. z o.o. He has a MSc degree in Economy, with specialisation in Ecological Economics. He has expert qualifications (more then 15 years of experience) in project management (in several EU/PHARE/SAPARD/ISPA/CF/SF, USAID, WORLD BANK projects) in the field of: environmental polices and instruments, financing of the environmental investments, preparation of the feasibility studies, municipal finance and municipal enterprise finance, enterprise restructuring and privatization, co-operation with central administration (Ministries of Environment, Education, Labour, Industry, Agriculture; National Fund for Environmental Protection; State Inspection of Environmental Protection), co-operation with regional self-governments (Voivodship level: Mazovia and Lubelskie) and local governments Gminas and Powiats. Important part of the professional experience is to organize and carry out training sessions.

Grzegorz Dziarski
Highly experienced consultant and trainer with over 15 years of professional experience in legal, institutional and financial aspects of municipal economy (public utility sectors) and environmental protection. His main professional field of interest is: civil, commercial, environmental and financial law affecting in particular public utilities sector (esp. water supply, wastewater treatment and discharge, district heating, solid waste management, housing and public transport). His experience includes: management of the company, programme and project management and supervision; consultancy in the field of municipal services (development and financing of public utilities esp. in natural monopoly sectors, municipal enterprise restructuring, privatisation and financing, feasibility studies for municipal infrastructure and environmental protection projects). He has considerable experience in the preparation of ministerial standards for feasibility studies of municipal infrastructure and environmental protection projects co-financed from public resources (esp. ERDF-ZPORR), draft legislation concerning water and wastewater service delivery, regulations on user fee setting, model regulations for water and wastewater sector, and legislation concerning the ownership changes in national and municipal economy, as well as in the preparation of civil and commercial agreements and contracts, procurement documents and evaluation of tenders. During his professional career he has worked in the area of organisation and co-ordination of the training in the above mentioned subjects, and has been providing training and conducting workshops.

Leszek Jędrych
He has more than 7 years professional experience in investment project preparation and management, financial analysis, accounting and appraisal of enterprises, economic-financial analysis for feasibility studies and business plans, gminas budget financial analysis, municipal bonds issues and economic-financial aspects of restructuring and privatization of municipal enterprises. He is an expert in water and wastewater standards and fee setting methodologies for water sector. During his professional career he has been providing training and advisory services in the subjects of his professional experience. He was involved in EU/PHARE/SAPARD/ISPA/CF/SF projects concerning corporate / municipal finance and municipal companies restructuring and privatisation, working in international environment. He is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics; Participant of the German-Polish Academic Forum at the Warsaw School of Economics (1996); Scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Association (DAAD) in the years 1996-1997 (University of Bayreuth, Germany); Grant holder of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Chevening Scholarships Programme 2003-2004 (MBA, University of Glasgow, Scotland).

Grzegorz Gałabuda
He worked as a financial analyst and municipal bond consultant at the Municipal Development Agency. He later worked as financial advisor in the USAID project for increasing local government access to the capital market implemented by the Research Triangle Institute for the Housing and Urban Development Office. Since 1999 he has been a member of the Board of Directors of KOBIKO Consulting, Ltd. He has expert qualifications in: polish water and sewer utilities accounting, analysis of municipal budgets, local government finance, municipal enterprise finance, project management, municipal service organisation consulting and municipal enterprise restructuring and privatisation. He is an expert of public prosecutor's office in cases of non-accomplishment of duty by water and sewer utility management. His consulting experience includes: analysis of the budgets of thirteen Polish municipalities, analysis of municipal bond issues, analysis of a municipal enterprises, restructuring and privatization consulting, and participation in the PHARE Municipal Enterprise Privatization and Restructuring Assistance Program for the Lublin, Rzeszów and Białystok Regions. He has a degree in economics and currently he is a PhD student at the Warsaw School of Economics.

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